Dr. Claudia J. Ressel-Hodan
Dr. Gerald J. Hodan


Hodan Psychological Services is a small company providing service to a wide variety of clients and agencies. Dr. Gerald Hodan and Dr. Claudia Ressel-Hodan have a combined experience of 60 years.

Services are psychological evaluations and psychotherapy. Our goal is to listen carefully to your needs and provide the best possible service at a reasonable cost. Hodan Psychological Services does not bill any insurance.

Offices are located in two convenient locations throughout Pinellas County.

Psychological Evaluations

Evaluations conducted include disability, vocational, intellectual, gifted, learning and forensic.


Therapy modality is adjusted to the needs of the client. Generally a brief psychotherapy model is used to help the patient learn about their emotions, so that they have skills to help themselves in the future to feel the way they want to feel. Therapy is provided to adults on an individual basis.

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